Maximilian Graf Schimmelmann


I'm a Munich-based PHP/Magento Developer that is solving problems for any kind of business in the eCommerce industry.

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Providing Enterprise eCommece and digitalisation knowledge to businesses worldwide. Consultancy for automatisation, digitalisation, maintenance of existing legacy projects and developing new features that increase your companies turnover and revenue.

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Go digital!


Development of digital Enterprise solutions for traditional companies to take the step from traditional merchandising to digital modern online selling solutions.

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Techstack & tools

Driving success in digital commerce

Increase your yearly revenue by accelerating your online business with new channels. With the help of Open-Source Software and Enterprise Solutions that fit your business you can automate nearly every process compared to traditional selling mechanics. Improve your existing business by reducing your Total Cost of Ownership and increase revenue.

Why do I love what I do?

I started developing at the age of 13. Since then not much has stopped me to become an Magento Expert and an eCommerce Consultant. I provide dedication and a good understanding of new technologies that provide businesses the drive they need. I see my on-hands-knowledge as a tool that can be applied to a broad scale set of cases that accelerate business whilst enjoying what I do. I think its a bless if you enjoy your work.

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Ship quality features to customers worldwide.

Software Development enables us to work together more closely. Thanks to the Internet its possible for us to connect faster with anyone around the globe. Thanks to this I was able to work together with many customers around the world. I speak fluently German and solid English.

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Diverse Industry Experience.

Here you can see some of my recently done projects.

Fashion Industry

600 Employees · Magento Enterprise · Luxus Fashion Retailing
  • Technical Code Ownership and Management of Core-Shop
  • Maintaining and stabelizing a huge codebase
  • Improving Docker environment
  • Process Management
  • Data Housekeeping and Manipulation
  • ERP Connection maintaining
  • 1:1 rebuilding of infrastructure to local developers

Tobacco Industry

10-50 Employees · Magento Community · Tobacco and smoking accessories
  • Continuous development of Shop over a course of 4+ years
  • Adapting the business to the eCommerce
  • Providing Marketing and UX/UI solutions
  • Providing the business with useful insights of the market
  • Marketresearch
  • Growth Consulting
  • 1:1 rebuilding of infrastructure to local developers

Retailing Industry

376k Employees · Magento Enterprise · Online Retail Sector
  • Backend Development
  • RESTful API Endpoint Development
  • External Developer for the Backend Development Team
  • Data Migration
  • ERP Connection maintaining

Automotive Industry

134k Employees · Magento Enterprise · Innovation Departments
  • Technical Consultancy
  • Evaluation Consultancy
  • Providing eCommerce knowledge to specialist fields
  • Deep Dive into eCommerce Technology
  • Generating business certainty for customer

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Want to get to know me? Have a question or a business that could need the help of an Magento Expert? Let me know how I can help you and I'll make sure to contact you as soon as possible.